Posted by Chris Saldanha

Remembering Macworld

I was sad to see the news coming from Macworld today. Many top editors and writers seem to have lost their jobs, and the print edition is being discontinued. This leaves the web site as a shell of its former self. I hope they can still make something of the site, but they've lost so many fine people and indications are that they might be moving to a model of contributed articles.

There has been an unfortunate progression on the Macworld web site design with some agressive advertising (and auto-play ads GGGRRRRRRR!) that's at odds with the readership, and I guess some of us have been expecting that this day almost had to come. I always stuck with the site because there was still solid writing and editorial, and I expect that these writers and editors will find good homes in journalism again (like at iMore or on to new projects). There's a good summary of coverage on Michael Tsai's blog.

Last night as I walked around the house, I noticed how many old Macworld magazine issues I still have scattered around. Parliant and our telephone products were covered frequently by Macworld over many years, as well as the products of so many people we know in the Mac community. I can say without a doubt that Macworld's coverage of our products like PhoneValet and PhoneHerald contributed in a big way to our company's success. Fair reviews and good release coverage in print and on the web were a major source of customers who came to our products, driven by the trust in Macworld's work.

Echoes iconWe won a Macworld Eddy award back in 2006 for PhoneValet 4, and two best-of-show awards at Macworld Expo. You can chronicle the history of our products on (and the number of Mice we earned!), and here's just a few highlights:

We were covered so many times that I have often used the Macworld web site to remind me of when we put various features and versions of the product out! As we're re-entering the Mac software market, I'm sad that Macworld might not really be a big part of our world.
I'm going miss these little guys!

Macworld helped build and sustain the Mac community, and for that they deserve our thanks.

(And, for the record, my bookmark for the Macworld site is still to Now I feel old.)

Welcome to the Parliant Blog!

We're going to be writing mostly about the business and technology of iOS, Mac, and web development. This blog will be written by Parliant staff, and is an opportunity to give back to our awesome community. So many developers in the app space are writing and sharing their ideas, experiences, successes and failures, and we want to do our bit here too.

Parliant has been around for quite a few years now, and many of you may know us from our Mac telephony products PhoneValet and PhoneHerald, back when people still had land-line phones. Amazingly, we worked on those products all the way from 2003 to 2011. (Yeah, I was surprised too, it didn't feel like 8 years!) For the last few years we've been focussed on the conference software space with our Conference Companion web and iPhone apps, and we're now getting back into consumer app development with the release of Echoes for Mac.

It's been a fun journey for us through the life of Mac OS X and then iOS (and for some of us, NeXTSTEP too!), and we'll be sharing some of our experiences from along the way as well as new things as our business moves forward.

You can subscribe (via RSS or ATOM using your favourite RSS reader or you can follow @parliant on Twitter to find out about new articles.